Monday, November 18, 2019

American history - essay - about The Black Cat Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

American history - - about The Black Cat - Essay Example My interaction with the narrator as his pet was awesome at first. The fact that I was following him step by step means that we were compatible in various aspects. It felt good when I was being favored through exclusion from harassment while others in the house were being mistreated (Poe and Andrewasine 79). Being singled out when others were being mistreated always gave me a reason to stick to the narrator. It also strengthened the instincts between us. I felt special by being singled out among the pets that he had and even introduced me to his wife as his favorite pet of all. Our relationship, however, was mysterious and also supernatural in nature an element that was also evident in the gothic genre. The emotions of the narrator, however, ruined the friendship that was in existence and our sound interaction changed drastically to become sour. The person I was always comfortable when we were together became the person I was to run from. The drunkenness changed the narrator I knew to someone close to a murderer (Poe and Andrewasine 76). It was unbelievable to see him attacking me and even plucking one of my eyes irrespective of our cordial relationship that had been in existence. This interaction taught enlightened me that people changes and there have been something sinister with the narrator. It is weird for a close ally to become a monster within a very short time frame. The monstrous aspect resembles the gothic set up aspect and element. With such mistreatments, it was evident that the best way of living with the narrator is avoiding him. However, this interaction created dilemma in my life on the best mode of living that would assure me of survival. This is because after he perceived that I was avoiding him he plucked one of my eyes (Bloomfield 249). On the other hand, it is very insecure to stay close to such a person. However, it was unbelievable seeing the narrator holding me in a manner that

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