Saturday, October 19, 2019

Impact of Milk and Dairy Products on the Health Research Paper

Impact of Milk and Dairy Products on the Health - Research Paper Example eople seek to maintain a healthy lifestyle for themselves within their busy day-to-day life schedule. In this context, the eating habits and diet followed by individuals is considered a crucial point of discussion. Notably, people take food to fulfil the recommended nutrition requirements by the body. According to Ludke, Phillip, and Obermiller these requirements are fundamental to maintain a healthy and sustainable body. However, for different people, the intake of the recommended milk intakes could seem low, yet Michaelson, et al reveal that even at low intakes, D-galactose causes changes in the human body similar to natural aging in animals. Evidently, the health of any individual is directly or indirectly motivated with understanding the reactions of their bodies to different milk and dairy products and their food habit. In general, the diet involves two forms, which include vegan food and animals-based food products. Vegan foods involve the food items that are directly sourced f rom plants while the animal-based products are obtained from animals such as meat, fish, and on some occasions, daily products. Based on Blackburn (2014), the issue regarding the difference in animal-based products and plant-based products has been a topic of wide debate. Correspondingly, the aim of this particular study is to gain a better comprehension of the concept of plant milk.For the longest time, the consumption of milk has been common amongst both the young and the old universally given its perception as a dietary behaviour .

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